Game Says He “Didn’t Take A Stab At Big Sean,” Explains Beef With Jay-Z

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Gossip & News

Though his “Uncle Otis” track fired shots in all directions, Chuck Taylor says he has beef with no one.

Game recently pulled out all the punches with his “Uncle Otis”  freestyle, but he assures that it’s not as serious as people are making it out to be. Speaking with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, the Compton, California rapper explained that his shots at Jay-Z didn’t stem from any longstanding beef and that it’s all in good fun.

“He didn’t do nothing. Every now and then, I take a couple shots at Hov. Most of the time, he’ll respond indirectly or subliminally, but that’s cool man. He catch it when I say it, and I catch it when he say it,” he said. “It’s just Hip Hop, I wish everybody would stop taking it so personally. Especially these days, I’m 31. I ain’t really like… Beef ain’t beef no more. I been doing that. So it ain’t nothing new.”

On the record, he also throws a few jabs at Big Sean, though he claims the opposite. “I definitely didn’t take a stab at Big Sean. I just told him they don’t have wontons on the menu at Benihana’s. That’s not a stab, that’s just helping the younger generation out. It wasn’t a shot. It was just me looking out. He a good dude. Keep making that music, my guy.”

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