Benzino Denies Royce Twitter Beef! Who Cares!(iSpithitz)

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Gossip & News

”I Never Had No Twitter and Never Will…” Who Cares?(iSpithitz) Des Niggaz r  a Non Muther Fuccin Factor!

A few days after Royce Da 5’9 went off on who he thought was publisher/rapper Benzino on Twitter, Zino himself has come out to reveal that the alleged account does not belong to him. Benzino claims he’s not even on Twitter.

He says, if he had an issue–he would address it in other ways.

“Sh*t is crazy, man,” Zino told SOHH. “You know what’s so messed up? Honestly, like I’m not really a Twitter [person]. Like I’d rather say it to someone’s face or the next best thing — do an interview so they know its coming from me, but definitely, [the Twitter account] @King_Benzino ain’t me. I never had no Twitter and never will. I’m from the old school — I don’t put too much real estate in Twitter, man. ‘Cause at the end of the day, it’s just some sh*t that doesn’t exist, man. It’s like The Matrix.”

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